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Vacation Rentals are one of the most flexible and profitable investments in the modern market. Investors are not only able to capitalize on their second home, but they also can benefit from: 

  • Tax Benefits 

  • Asset Appreciation  

  • The Ability to Vacation for Free 

  • Passive Income 

  • Turnkey Operations  

Our team reviews all the available properties in the market and identifies potential vacation rentals based upon their potential for success as a short-term rental. We will send you tailored listings that work within your parameters and include revenue projections based upon real market data & other key data points relevant to the investment, so you are making an informed decision based upon real facts. 

The Short Stay Group and our partners will give you an edge. We specialize in vacation rentals & understand what to look for in a property when helping you search for your investment property.

We work in a collaborative effort with Short Stay Florida, Fort Lauderdale’s premier vacation rental management team to get you up and running quickly, so you can start earning a return on your investment! We take the mystery out of vacation home investing and provide effective solutions that make the real estate acquisition easy.

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